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Mesotherapy is based on injecting various substances into the skin with fine-tipped needles. A wide variety of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, antioxidants and substances that increase blood circulation are injected under the skin depending on the aim in mesotherapy applications. Mesotherapy of the targeted region increases the collagen and elastin production of the skin, and moisturizes and renews the skin without causing any systemic side effects.

What is MESOTHERAPY used for?

  • For rejuvenation of the face-neck-décolletage-hand surface (Mesolifting),
  • For hair loss, difficult hair growth, weak hair, loss of hair shine and volume,
  • Cellulite and regional lipoidosis treatment (Lipolitic Mesotherapy).

What are the materials used in MESOTHERAPY applications?

Substances that renew and moisturize the skin, and decrease skin wrinkles or sagging are mainly used on the face.

A wide variety of substances that nourish the hair follicles and strengthen the hair structure are injected. Treatment combined with PRP provides more successful results in people with hair loss.

Substances that decrease fat tissue are injected for cellulite and regional lipoidosis treatment in lipolitic mesotherapy.

How many sessions of MESOTHERAPY should be used?

Although varying according to the indication, 4-6 sessions are recommended for mesolifting and about 4-8 sessions for people with symptoms of hair loss and cellulite – regional lipoidosis.

Mean session intervals are 10-14 days.

How long does the effect of MESOTHERAPY last?

Repeating mesotherapy, that has been conducted in 4-8 sessions according to the indication, every year is recommended. Another application at the 3rd to 6th month increases collagen production in the skin. Mesotherapy can therefore be repeated at these times.

Performing the procedure in September-October or April-May is recommended in people with symptoms of seasonal hair loss. However, mesotherapy can be conducted at any period of the year in hair loss seen after birth, in subjects with male type hair loss, and in patients who have undergone hair transplantation. There is no period limitation for mesolifting and lipolysis.

How is MESOTHERAPY performed?

Various mesotherapy application techniques are used. A depth of 0.5-2 mm is targeted in hair and face applications. A depth of 4-13 mm is usually targeted to decrease fat tissue in those with cellulite and regional fat problems. The procedure is conducted with very fine-tipped syringes and is usually painless. However, topical anesthetic creams can be administered 15-30 minutes before the procedure in patients with a low pain threshold. The procedure takes about 10-30 minutes depending on the size of the targeted area.

What are the recommendations after MESOTHERAPY application?

  • Not washing the mesotherapy-applied area for 4 hours,
  • Not using potentially irritating products on the same day,
  • Avoiding sun exposure for 24 hours.