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Skin Analysis

It is important to determine your skin type before any skin care or procedure. Skin analysis determines the skin type (dry, mixed, oily), ultraviolet damage level and aging signs of a person. The products used by the person, the presence of oily skin or stretching/scaling/drying during the day, and whether the person has any allergies are queried during this evaluation. Then, the person is examined by the specialist and the skin type is determined.

A wide variety of skin analysis systems have been developed in recent years to determine the skin type and damage. The person is photographed using the same light and position as the skin analysis systems. Any errors arising from the light and position are thus avoided. The skin oil (sebum) level, degree of wrinkling, sagging and spot and the density of dilated capillaries are determined with these analysis systems. The skin age of the person is determined and the biological age queried. The skin changes can be seen graphically throughout the treatment. The analysis also ensures objective evaluation of treatment success. It becomes possible to compare the pre- and post-procedure state of the patient.

Skin analysis systems are therefore new technologies that enable objective evaluation and can be used in every dermatology patient.