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Thread Face Lifting

What is Thread Face Lifting?

Thread face lifting is a skin rejuvenation method conducted with specially produced surgical threads. It is also known as spider web aesthetics, thread lift, silhouette lift, or V-lift. The main purpose is to reconstruct the oval shape of the face. It is especially preferred for patients who have skin sagging due to loss of elastin. The degree of skin sagging is divided into 4 as mild, moderate, severe and very severe. While surgical methods are preferred in severe and very severe sagging, successful results can be obtained with thread face lifting in those with mild to moderate sagging. However, thread face lifting can also be conducted in severe and very severe sagging to avoid a high surgical complication risk or a healing period. The expectations should be lower in this case.

What is Thread Face Lifting used for?

  • To correct jaw contour disorders,
  • To decrease cheek sagging and wrinkles,
  • For mouth sagging related to age,
  • To correct laxity.
  • It is also an effective method for arm, leg, abdomen, breast and hip lifting.

What are the materials used in Thread Face Lifting applications?

PDO (polydioxanone) or PGA (polyglycolic acid) threads, also used in other type of surgeries, can be used in various face lifting applications. These threads are antimicrobial threads that are compatible with human tissue and do not cause any allergic reaction. They have cone or fishbone-like protrusions that allow lifting and hanging of the skin. They also trigger new collagen synthesis. They are absorbed by the skin after a while.

How is Thread Face Lifting performed?

The application area is anesthetized with topical anesthetics about 30 minutes before the procedure. The threads are placed to the appropriate points of the patient whose jaw line has become misshapen, who has prominent cheek folds or sagging eyebrows with the help of a cannula. The cannula is a blunt needle and allows the procedure to be conducted safely. After placing the threads in the appropriate areas, they are pushed through the cannulas and positioned as required. The effect of lifting on the skin is observed right away. By triggering collagen synthesis, the effect becomes more prominent within 2 months. Thus, a reduction is also provided in the wrinkles. The procedure takes about 15-45 minutes depending on the size of the application area.

How many sessions of Thread Face Lifting should be used?

Thread Face lifting is performed in a single session. The number and type of the threads vary depending on the degree of sagging and the area of the desired lifting.

How long does the effect of Thread Face Lifting last?

The effect of Thread Face lifting lasts about 2 years.

What are the recommendations after Thread Face Lifting?

  • Ice application and bruise removing creams are recommended if there is bruising and edema development after the procedure
  • Hot showers, Turkish bath and sauna should be avoided for 1 week after the procedure due to the risk of increased edema.