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Youth Vaccine With Salmon DNA

What is Salmon DNA (Youth Vaccine)?

Aging is a normal biological process that occurs as a result of reduced renewal abilities of the tissues and cells. The procedures necessary for the continuation of the normal functions of the cells and the repair mechanisms against the damage that has occurred slow down during this process. The damage develops mainly due to free radicals, changes in gene structure, and errors in transferring information between cells. Errors in DNA synthesis and slowing and/or errors in the DNA repair mechanism are responsible for most of these errors. As a result, the signs of aging occur in parallel with the deterioration of cell DNA. Although there are many anti-aging techniques today, the injection of materials containing cell DNA is accepted as one of the most natural processes in stimulating the skin. Application of stem cells produced from human tissue is such an example. However, it is necessary to take tissue from the person for the procedure and to subject it to a special treatment to obtain stem cells, requiring a certain period of time. Practical methods have therefore been sought, resulting in the use of salmon DNA. Salmon DNA is the DNA that most closely resembles human DNA. Salmon DNA, also known as youth vaccine, contains large amounts of hyaluronic acid and a large number of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, proteins and inorganic salts. It is currently used to renew the cells of the skin. It moisturizes the skin intensely and makes it look brighter and healthier. The vitamins, minerals and amino acids also reduce the spots. One of the most significant effects is that it gives the skin a fuller appearance by stimulating the production of collagen. In addition, it is also used in wound-burn-acne scars in combination with applications such as fractional laser, needle radiofrequency or dermapen.

What is Salmon DNA used for?

  • To decrease the fine lines on the face, under the eyes, on the neck and hands,
  • To decrease the dark circles under the eyes,
  • To moisturizing the skin and increase its elasticity,
  • For spot treatment,
  • To decrease acne and acne scars,
  • To decrease burn and injury scars.

How is Salmon DNA used?

The techniques used for Salmon DNA are generally similar to mesotherapy. Topical anesthetic creams is applied to the area of the procedure approximately 20-30 minutes beforehand. The procedure is conducted with very fine-tipped syringes after the anesthesia and is usually painless. Salmon DNA is administered to the skin at 1-2 cm intervals by using a microinjection technique. The procedure takes about 20-30 minutes depending on the size of the targeted area.

How many sessions of Salmon DNA administration are needed?

Salmon DNA allows the skin to look younger and fuller in a short period of time such as 3-4 months. The application frequency varies from region to region but is generally 3 sessions within 14-21 days.

How long does the effect of Salmon DNA last?

Salmon DNA is a system stimulating and renewing the skin in a very natural way like PRP. A decrease in fine lines and spots on the skin is observed even after the first session. The skin gains extra moisture. However, 3 sessions are recommended for a long-term effect. The effect of 3 sessions lasts 1-2 years. The application needs to be repeated every year to slow down the aging process and increase effectiveness.

What are the recommendations after Salmon DNA application?

  • The person can continue with his/her social life after the procedure.

When is Salmon DNA not used?

  • In pregnant or lactating women,
  • In patients with acute or chronic infection