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Focused Ultrasound Systems

What are Focused Ultrasound Systems (Ulthera)?

Focused Ultrasound Systems (Ulthera) are FDA-approved systems and are also known as face lifting without surgery. They provide restructuring on the skin by using intensified sound waves. This is a safe method that has been proven to be effective in sagging starting after the age of 30. It is especially quite effective in people who feels loosening and sagging in the skin and have sagging of the jaw line and those suffering from a double chin appearance in the neck region. It can also be applied to people who have eyelid laxity and those who have prominent sagging/loosening of their skin and do not want surgery.

How do Focused Ultrasound Systems work?

The main problem in skin that begins to deteriorate with age is the reduction of connective tissue elements such as collagen and elastin that normally enable distension and elasticity. These connective tissue changes lead to skin sagging and wrinkles. Ultrasound technology or sound waves have been used as an imaging technique in medicine for many years. Focused Ultrasound Systems have been developed with the intensification of these sound waves in recent years. These systems with which a single application is sufficient stimulate new collagen and elastin synthesis primarily by creating small temperature changes in the ligament. Thus, an improvement is seen in the sagging and wrinkles in time. The skin recovers and tightens, and a natural facial lifting effect is obtained.

What are Focused Ultrasound Systems used for?

  • To decrease wrinkling/sagging of the face, chin, neck and décolletage,
  • To reduce the appearance of a double chin,
  • To lift the eyelids,
  • To reduce wrinkles around the mouth and eyes.

How are Focused Ultrasound Systems applied?

Focused Ultrasound systems (Ulthera) consist of a monitor and 3 caps. The caps allow sending intensified sound waves 4.5, 3 and 1.5 mm below the skin. Thus, thermal damage foci are generated on the skin at about 1 mm intervals. The monitor shows us the skin layer where we are creating thermal damage with the application. This allows us to use deeper applications in areas where the skin is thick and more superficial applications where it is thin. Topical anesthesia can be administered 30 minutes before the application based on the pain threshold of the person. The procedure continues about 30-60 minutes depending on the size of the application area. The surface of the skin is not damaged during the application. Since there is no destruction of the skin surface, the application can be conducted in all seasons.

How long does the effect of Focus Ultrasonic Systems last?

The process of skin renewal starts immediately following a single application. However, the effect becomes visible 1 month after application with the increase of collagen synthesis over time and the desired effect is observed at the end of the 3rd month. Collagen synthesis continues up to the 6th month. The mean duration of effect is 2 years.

What are the recommendations after Focused Ultrasound Systems use?

  • The person can continue with his/her social life after the application.