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Treatment Of Dark Circles Under The Eyes

Dark circles under the eyes are one of the esthetic problems that show the person more tired and older than he/she really is. It is usually seen together with sagging, puffiness and wrinkles under the eyes. Genetic factors play a role in the development. However, environmental factors such as sleeping problems, spending long periods of time in front of the television and computer screen, excessive consumption of tea and coffee, and high salt intake that causes the body to hold water can also result in these dark circles or increase the existing ones.

The first step in the treatment of dark circles under the eyes is a detailed physical examination. Choosing the right treatment based on the needs of the person is the second step. For example, if the circles are accompanied by severe sagging under the eyes, surgery is primarily considered. Lipofilling can be used in people with depression under the eyes. Lipofilling is the process of returning fat taken from the person to the required area, such as under the eyes. For those who do not want surgery, this procedure can be conducted with hyaluronic acid fillers that are completely compatible with human connective tissue. Light fillers enriched with many vitamins, antioxidants, minerals and amino acids (Redensity 2) are used to rejuvenate the tissue around the eye. It is quite effective in filling the sulcus under the eye, in removing wrinkles and circles around the eye, and moisturizing the area and making it glow.

Radiofrequency systems can be used when loosening and sagging accompany the circles under the eyes. Radiofrequency systems mainly heat the loose and sagging collagen with radio waves and return it to its original form. It also improves the appearance of the tissues around the eye and reduces wrinkles. The technique has also been used successfully for eyelid sagging.

If there is no loss of connective tissue and only a color change on the examination, special chemical peeling applications can be used to lighten the color of this area. Such peeling with alpha hydroxy acids thicken the skin by 25% and improve its appearance by increasing collagen density and skin elasticity. They also decrease the wrinkles around the eye.

IPL, Q-switched Nd-YAG laser and fractional laser treatments can be successfully used for color changes around the eye and to eliminate the substance causing the color change. Besides, they have an anti-aging effect and supports the subcutaneous collagen layer. In case the dark circles are caused by severe connective tissue loss, they can be used together with radiofrequency. PRP applications can be used alone or in combination with other methods to lighten and rejuvenate fine lines on the face or around the eye. The daily use of various color lightening vitamins, serum and creams containing growth factor also support the treatment.

Choosing the right treatment among all the options is possible by determining the exact cause of the patient’s complaints. The patient then needs to be directed correctly.